Ciel is an elusive catdeer who likes to bite, romance, and talk about symbols & personal myth. She is slowly venturing out of the wilds of liminal spaces to create works that are conversations between love and desire, personal mythology, decentralization, human rights, art, and technology.  She uses storytelling, immersive installation, game design, and film to weave together visionary worlds where community interdependence, financial security, and blockchain technology support our human potential to the fullest.

Ciel has performed and exhibited work in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto. She has been involved in everything from television production to immersive art installations. She has been a fan of crypto games since 2015 and is currently a curator for the international crypto arts organization Slothicorn, which rewards artists with cryptocurrency and educates them about blockchain technology. Ciel also co-created and helps maintain the CryptoKitties Wiki.

She believes in the power of stories and emerging tech to reimagine a more compassionate and liberated world.


Steemit: @justatouchfey

Github: @justatouchfey